First post ever…

It's Sunday morning, almost noon. I'm still in bed, and my computer just gave me the "low battery" warning, but I'm determined to not get out of bed to get the power cord. Seems like a perfectly ambitious start to a blog. I'm imagining a time when this is at the bottom of a long, hilarious and insightful list of posts – won't it be cute, humble and quaint then?

I have big plans, you see. In fact, you could say that my future is so bright that I gotta wear a welding mask under a beekeeper's suit AND a whole bottle of SPF 40. You could say that, but think carefully before you do. And look around to see who might hear you.


One response to “First post ever…

  1. Barry, I’ve been receiving your column for a while and will look forward to checking out your blog. I’m new to the process, too. I think the interest in minutae (is there spell check on blog sites?)is about realizing just how many billions of people there are, wondering about our relevance, trying to connect with someone on an intimate level. It’s pseudo intimacy, I guess. It’s also fun, esp. with pictures!

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