Suddenly Ducks Aren’t So Strange…

Last week I was at my parent's house in Southern California. My Grandmother had just passed away, and I was scanning a bunch of her old pictures, because that's what I do. Not only is it good to have these pictures for sentimental value, but I will someday use them in future performances. There were lots of cool old black and whites of relatives long dead that I've never even heard of, but this picture really caught my attention…

Unknown Ducks - 1948

The date on the back, stamped by the Fox Photo developing lab, says 1948. And this is exactly how the photo looks – I haven't added any fancy border or anything in Photoshop.

Pictures were not cheap in 1948, and my grandparents were far from wealthy, but something about these post-war ducks in their unknown pond was interesting enough to sacrifice a frame of film. It isn't like there were a lot of duck pictures, either. At least not from 1948. As film got more affordable, and they had more grandchildren, there were certainly plenty of unnecessary shutter openings.

My parents brew decaf coffee each morning, which I see as more proof to my "I'm adopted" theory. My brother got us some coffee one morning from a local bakery. As I sat outside savoring his gift, I noticed that the sip cup lid was very intricate and impressive, unlike any sip lid I had ever seen. I did what any obsessive documenter of his own life would do – I got my digital camera and took about 10 pictures of it, in its various stages of opening/closing, from different angles, etc…

And suddenly the idea of my grandparents taking a picture of ducks wasn't so strange..

sip cup.jpg

And, for that matter, neither is taking thousands of pictures of my neighbor's cat…

cat pic.jpg



One response to “Suddenly Ducks Aren’t So Strange…

  1. Strange Pictures:
    There’s something wrong with my family. A couple of months ago, going through some VERY old pictures, I found out there’s four generations of men in my famlily who get their picture taken next to some beautiful exotic car they do not own (and probably never will)
    It started with my great grandfather, who got his picture taken next to an enormous pre-war BMW. Then there’s my grandfather, next to a Shelby Cobra in a nondescript parking lot near new york city. After that there’s my father, next to a beautiful 80s DeLorean.
    Looking around later I found a picture of me next to some kind of Porsche a couple of years ago. I think there’s some kind of curse running in our family

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