Politics, the Airport and People I Don’t Know…

A friend called me today to see if I would be in a video he's making about a local political issue. I'm familiar with the issue, but I'm hardly political, so I declined. I told him when he's making a video about people who tell poopie jokes that he should definitely call me.

In one week I'll be performing at the Uno Festival in Victoria, BC. In the festival promo they say "a gifted storyteller and humourist in the vein of David Sedaris or Stuart McLean." This is cool, except that I don't know who Stuart McLean is. Since I'm obviously online at the moment there is no excuse to not find out, right? Hang on…

…OK, got it. He is, among other things, Canadian. As I suspected.

Someone from the Uno Festival will be picking me up from the airport – I really hope they have a sign that says "SMITH" on it. Or, better yet, "JESUS." For some reason this seems like a real step forward in my career – being met at the airport. Same with being compared with someone I've never heard of, though that just makes me feel a bit uninformed, so I won't be talking about that too much.


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