I Love The Dentist…

After nitrous oxide was first discovered, or isolated, or however it is they managed to first get it into a container so that it could be readily inhaled back in the late 1700s, some poets got their observant hands and lungs on it. Samuel Coleridge, famous British poet, was an early fan, and he apparently wrote extensively about how much it rocked, though he probably worded it a bit differently.

Anyone who's ever done a whippet at a concert knows how Sammy was right, which is why I love my dentist – he lets me have nitrous for my bi-annual cleaning. Seriously. I mark it on my calendar and am excited for weeks before my visit, taking steps to clear my sinuses, cutting down on dairy and pasta and such.

Yesterday was Dentist Day. I am blessed with good teeth, so I never get bad news, just a bit of scraping and a whole lot of deep breathing.

The best part is that I'm unable to record or share my numerous and intense revelations and insights I get while on nitrous, because I'm not in a position to take notes, and speaking is a bit difficult with a dental technician's fingers in your mouth. So I just have to keep quiet for an hour, which is a real treat for everyone involved.


Here I am, pre-scraping, feeling groovy…and counting the days 'til my next visit.


2 responses to “I Love The Dentist…

  1. Barry: I was very excited to read about your blog in your latest column. And I am now green with envy that you have a dentist who knocks you out.

    Enjoyed all your posts. You sound like a very busy guy. I myself am not a busy guy and would be out of sorts if I were.

    Take it easy.

    Just Another One of Your Subscribers


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