Off to Uno Tomorrow Morning…

We have a 7 a.m. flight tomorrow morning. That means being at the airport at 6. Luckily, the airport is only 10 minutes away. Still…that's essentially 5 o'clock.

Plenty to do today, making final changes to the "Jesus…" tech script, burning show cue CDs, rehearsing, cutting my yard, producing two radio spots as I'll be away for a full week. And I'll need to get a nap in there somewhere, of course…

I thought – in fact, I have been telling people, as well as writing about it – that someone from the Uno Festival would be meeting me at the airport with a little sign that says "SMITH." This was significant to me, as you can understand, and I had big plans to take about 20 pictures of the event – the person standing alone with the sign with something dramatic in the background, a close-up of the sign, me with the person and the sign, me alone with the sign, another close-up in different light, just so I have options later, my wife and I with the sign, her holding the sign pretending to be picking me up from the airport, etc…But, as it turns out, tomorrow is Victoria Day in Canada, which is some sort of holiday, so nobody will be at work, much less picking my ass up from the airport.

They did give me their taxi number, though, so I still get a free ride from the airport, but that's hardly worth a photo.

But don't fret…I'm sure I'll find something equally mundane to over-document. I mean, I have to eat dinner once I get there, right?

3 responses to “Off to Uno Tomorrow Morning…

  1. it looks like you are getting the hang of this blogging thing! good luck at the fests, and i’ll add you to my list of daily (or so) reads.

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