Word Choice…

Today, in a conversation with someone I'd only known for a few minutes, I managed to use the word "stopcock."

I didn't just blurt it out, I used it properly and in context, in reference to an actual stopcock –

stop-cock – n : faucet consisting of a rotating device for regulating flow of a liquid [syn: cock, turncock]

It was a good day.

2 responses to “Word Choice…

  1. But the real question is…
    Did this person understand what you were talking about?
    I mean if you’re going to bust out a word like Stopcock, one would hope it wasn’t lost on the recipient.

  2. I am thinking that this person was thinking that you actually said “stopclock”, and not stopcock. As in “stop watch”, only different in it’s quaint newness as a word…Most certaintly, unless you were having a conversation with a journeyman plumber (If so, nice move, very unexpected and, might I say, even pleonastic of you), this person did not catch the stopcock reference with their full attention?

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