Still More Uno…

Last night was my second of three shows at the Uno Festival.

On opening night I had some sort of low-grade fever going, which really kicked in when I hit the stage. I had what must be an anxiety attack right there under the spotlight, like a deer in the headlights, but luckily I kept doing my lines until it passed and I think it went unnoticed by the audience. Yikes. That was really unpleasant, and unexpected, and if it never happens again that would be just fine. But last night was the opposite – felt good, did good, no near-suck experiences to report.

Here's the Metro Theatre, along with a pic of Holly, theatre tech extraordinaire.


We've been in Victoria for about 5 days now, and it really is a beautiful city, but it has been a bit drizzly and dreary. I'm used to high altitude Rocky Mountain dry climates, where, even when freezing-ass cold, it's a dry cold. So, to cope with the dampness, here's what I've been doing a lot of…


I like taking pictures, but despite the astounding scenery surrounding me, it's things like this that inspire me to pull my little Cannon PowerShot S400 out of my pocket…



I'm such a bad tourist. I'll not come home with a single picture of me or my wife standing in front of one of the many grizzly bear statues adorning the town, but instead I have shots like this one:


That one may warrant a bit of explanation, though I'm not sure it will help. As we were waiting in the airport in Seattle, an Air Canada plane landed and a group of what I must assume are Canadians deplaned. I overheard a conversation between one of them and the airline employee.

Employee (somewhat curt): That's why we have baggage service agents, ma'am.

Canadian Woman (after walking 10 paces, and saying this while facing away from the rude employee): You could use a nicer tone!!

And I thought, hmmm…that's Canadian for "fuck you!"

I've experienced nothing but hardcore friendliness while here, including a lost luggage episode (my own) that was as pleasant an experience as I've ever had anywhere. So when I saw this harsh graffiti on the side of a bus, I just had to capture it. The bus took off before I could get my camera out, so I had to run a block and a half to catch it at the next stop sign. This is in no way representative of anything else I've encountered here, which is why I was so fascinated. Please don't refer to this as a tourist guide. The Empress Hotel is really lovely, I swear. It's just that there's something wrong with me. I'm the worst tourist ever.

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