Day Off In Victoria

It was Saturday – I had a day off from performing and my friends Kevin and Anna came up to Victoria from Seattle to hang out. So we did. We wandered around the amazing little city for a bit before passing a guy dressed as Darth Vader playing Irish fiddle.



Kevin's eyes lit up, for obvious reasons, but just as he took his camera out, the guy took his Vader mask off to take a break. So we sat down. Why not? We were in no hurry.


Darth Fiddler, still on break, used the Force to bum a cigarette off of Kevin, and he started chatting with my wife. I faced the water, but between me and the water was a multi-colored bear statue. I watched as a stream of people posed for a picture with it.



I was suddenly floored with an idea – I had to get a picture of someone else taking a picture of Kevin and Anna in front of this ridiculous bear. Not the greatest inspiration ever, but hey, I love a project. Kevin, still waiting for Darth to suit up again, was game. He and Anna approached the bear and asked a woman if she'd take a picture of them.


Little did they know, but this woman, I could see from where I stood, was actually approaching the bear to have her picture taken by a guy far away with a telephoto lens.


This made whatever part of me that needed to complete this sequence very, very happy.


So, she took the photo of them…


And I took a photo of her taking the photo…


Then I ran back far enough to get a quick picture of the guy with the long lens taking a photo of the woman who had just taken the photo…


In the foreground you can see my wife still talking to the de-masked Darth Fiddler. By this time he was talking about the dark side of his prostate problems. 

Meanwhile, Kevin had run back even further to take a picture of me taking that picture. Thsi is why Kevin is my friend, because he embraces my obsessions so readily…



And, finally, to complete the circle I decided to take a picture of the picture that Kevin had just taken, the one of me taking the picture of the woman who had taken his picture as she got her picture taken, with the place all this picture taking had taken place in the background…


Phew! That was SO worth it. Darth Fiddler suited back up, Kevin snapped a pic of him, and away we went on more tourist adventures, all brought to you by British Columbia's finest…




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