Blog Irony…

…I'm learning, is this – when I'm busy doing lots of really cool and different stuff, I don't have (or make) as much time to write about it. But when I'm sitting at home I have loads of time to wax on about all kinds of shit.

I'm still new to blogging, so maybe everyone knows this already…

I'm in Montreal now, performing at the Fringe Festival. I got off to kind of a late start with the promotional aspect, so by the time I got to the official Fringe beer tent, where most of the postering happens, it was pretty much full of posters. This was upsetting – if nobody can see your poster, then why would they come to a performance by an unknown out-of-towner?

beer tent.jpg

However, there were a few places left that I consider prime real estate, namely…

port a potties.jpg

I mean, really. It's a beer tent – what's the one place that everyone will have to visit at some point? And, while visiting said place, what's the one place that, the guys at least, will have to look?

portapotty inside.jpg

I love marketing…

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