People, Can I Get An Amen?

Generally, the answer to this question is, "AMEN!!" Right? I mean, despite your religious leanings or background, when you are asked this question, you shout "Amen!" I'm assuming that even a Buddhist Monk would respond this way. And I have just learned that I am wrong.

There's this part in my "Jesus In Montana" show, pretty early on, where I build to an exciting little bit, after discovering that Jesus has returned, and ask, loudly and with enthusiasm, if I can get an Amen. Last night, during my second of 6 shows, the answer I got from the audience was "No…no you may not. Not from us, anyway."

Now, when you're doing comedy, your jokes don't always work out the same. Even the ones that I KNOW are good sometimes don't get so much as a chuckle. But I'm learning that you can't depend on laughter, you just keep moving forward. However, in my script, it actually says, after the "Can I get an amen" part, "AUDIENCE YELLS AMEN." The audience obviously wasn't following along in the script last night, and I have to admit it threw me off just a bit.

Third show tonight, in a few hours. We'll see what kind of an Amen they have for me tonight…

Meanwhile, here's the theatre where I'm doing my show:



And here's my dressing room…



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