Amen Surplus

Well, as bad as my second show was, my third show was that good – one of the best ones I’ve even had, in fact. My ears are still ringing from the booming “Amen!”

I heard the Montreal Gazette was at my show last night, so I’m hoping for a good review to be printed soon. Tomorrow, maybe?

Cool, then. I’m heading out for more late-night fringing.


This area of Montreal has the coolest graffiti…

One response to “Amen Surplus

  1. I don’t know whether that was deliberate or not, but did
    you know that you could just place a link to your specific
    Buzz? That’s a first this year, and while they didn’t get
    it working till about Wednesday, it works now. So each
    troupe’s Buzz is visible on the same page as their blurb
    on the Fringe site.

    Also, the Fringe is lousy about keeping their page about
    media hits updated, with the last entry from Tuesday. But
    I’ve done it longer, and a more complete list is


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