Montreal Gazette Review

Well, it's here – my first bit of press. And I think it was worth waiting for:

Jesus in Montana: Adventures in a Doomsday Cult

Rating 5 Stars

Nothing prepared me for the sheer joy and awe I felt all the way through Barry Smith's monologue (with film and slides) about his journey to find the Saviour in Montana. Smith insists it's a true story, but even if it's not, it's a phenomenally urgent one. Smith, a humour columnist in Aspen, Colo., starts his tale of faith gone weird from his fire-and-brimstone childhood. He illustrates the effect it had on him with his reaction to the Biblical story of Abraham – the man who was asked to sacrifice his son Isaac until, at the last moment, God stopped Abraham's hand. Smith rejoins wryly: "Abe! You got punk'd!" And that isn't even the punchline of the tale. Indeed, there isn't a moment during the hour when Smith looks at his spiritual journey with anything but a scintillating sense of humour, a magnificent turn of phrase and a way with a punchline that is jaw-dropping. How he gets to Montana is half the blissful fun (there are stop-offs at the Paul McCartney-is-dead conspiracy and in hitchiker hell). However, when Smith arrives at the self-professed Jesus's house, I had a real revelation: For the first time, I truly understood how smart people end up in cults. And then my eyes were opened wider: This is a devastatingly significant work and I must spread the word. That I laughed – and laughed hard – all the way to that epiphany makes this Fringe a total success for me. You must see Jesus in Montana. – Gaetan L. Charlebois

So, uh, yeah…that's really quite a review. I'm a bit stunned. It was out in yesterday's paper, which is clearly why last night's show sold out, with people having to be turned away. And I think it was a really good show, too.

And I have two more to go…


One response to “Montreal Gazette Review

  1. Hey Barry! Congratulations on the incredible review. There was no doubt in my mind that your show would be a success, since you are a phenomenal writer. I’ve enjoyed your blog and I really hope you keep it up … I still look forward to your columns in my email every week!

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