Good Morning, Canada…

I had every intention of resting up for this gig – I landed an interview on a major TV morning show whose name I have forgotten, but you have to trust me…it was the real deal.


So, yeah, major TV interview – my first ever. Really an amazing break, and I was going to rest up, really be fresh and ready, but things didn't turn out that way. Instead I stayed up all night long, so that when 8 a.m. reared its head, I had been up for about 24 hours straight. I'm such an asshole sometimes. I stayed awake in the green room by taking pictures, because I knew if I sat down it would all be over for me…



A guy walks into the Green Room who looks exactly like Tom Jones. I find out he's a Tom Jones impersonator. This is surreal enough, but when you place it atop sleep depravation, well…I had to hold on tightly to the rail.


I wish I coudl tell you the interview went well, but I honelstly can't remember. I have a video tape of it – I'll watch it when I get home, when I'm in a more cringe-worthy position.

My last two shows sold out, clearly as a result of the Montreal Gazette review. I have one more show this afternoon, in about 4 hours, actually. I am trying to rest up for it, as I am deeply, deeply tired. Fringe is the most fun imaginable, and I have indulged fully. Alas, this is what I look like at this very moment


Yes, quite flattering. I'm sitting on my little green couch in Montreal, it's blazing hot and muggy, and I'm afraid to look in a mirror, because I suspect that my head might actually be that red.

Still, I'm going to do a great show, and am hoping for another sell out house. Then I'm going to drink a beer.



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