Montreal Fringe Ends, Barry Is Sad…

Well, that was that – the Montreal Fringe is now officially over, and I have to say that "whirlwind" is a word I usually use with a touch of sarcasm, in this case it is the only word I can think of that fits. Then again, it is a bit early, and I am slightly hungover. In an adult, responsible sort of way. Here's a taste of the reason why…

More pictures and reflections will come soon, but for now here's the "Net Buzz" about my show from the Montreal Fringe web page, where audience members can log on and write their own little reviews:

***Great writing and storytelling, that really pulls you into the everyday atmosphere of a totally weird situation. Very honest and funny, with a neat mix of multimedia too–videos, slides– well worth it!

***The best show I've seen at the Fringe this year: an interesting and potentially perplexing story about joining a cult. In his one man show, Barry Smith interrupts the heaviness of religious devotion and spirituality with pointed comedy and skilled storytelling. Though God may not always be there in moments of indecision, you might [or might not] find Him in a basement in Montana.

***One of the better shows I've seen in the past few years. Funny, introspective, fast paced and very personal. Barry is also very likeable and you want to see where this is going and how he finally comes to the conclusions he comes to. Funny and effective use of slides.. "Was I cooking?'' hehehee.. couldn't stop giggling after that was uttered..

***This show was so good! I feel like I know this guy now. It was really captivating. Interesting and funny. Plus the visuals were great!


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