Montreal Fringe Festival Reflections

Well, it was fun. That’s really the take home message. I met cool people, did good shows, got a great review, met more cool people, and took some pictures of silly stuff.

Let’s begin…


This is the ID card (laminated!) that I was issued at the Fringe. Notice it says “artiste?” Yes, I am now a card-carrying ARTISTE. Not only did this little laminated beauty fill a void of artistic self esteem, it also got me a 15% discount on photocopies.


I tried hard to grasp the comples politics of Canada. This was by far my best tutorial. And if you are wondering if I always take a camera into the bathroom with me, I think the pic below should answer that question:


So, of all the beauty in Montreal, I find myself taking pictures of words:


Or stuff like this:


I took the foot picture with permission, just so you know. Not that I’m above secretly taking pictures of people’s feet, as readers of this entire blog will know, but that one was by request. And speaking of feet…


Montreal is a beautiful, progressive, European-flavored city, and the fact that Crocs, the most hideous form of footwear every to be unleashed on human-kind, have found their way there is just really a shame. I feel more strongly about this than the virus-like spreading of McDonald’s and Starbucks. I didn’t see too many people wearing them, so maybe the fact that they are on the sidewalk sale rack is good news. Stay strong, Montreal.


Turns out this whole French thing is pretty easy to pick up.


Some Fringe Friends.


Where I stayed, and where I ate…


What I looked like after not sleeping, which was most of the time (this picture is actually in focus)


What Montreal looked like to me after not sleeping.


This may be the only “here’s Montreal” picture I took. How telling.





Here I am getting ready for my show. James, the tech, is focusing my spotlight. I know there is probably some adjustment to be done in Photoshop that would bring back some of the detail in my head, rather than having it look like an actual light bulb, but I have a feeling that this is pretty much how it looked at the moment, and I don’t know how to do that sort of stuff in Photoshop. I could rotate the picture, or make it black and white, but that’s about it. So, light bulb head it is.


And finally…me, in the Denver airport, on my way home, thoroughly exhausted, poised on the brink of good solid week’s worth of sick-as-a-pig recovery. I once again stayed up all night before leaving Montreal, so when I finally got on my plane, around 8:30 a.m., I settled into my seat and the next sound I heard was the captain announcing that we were beginning our descent. I totally missed my pack of pretzels and Ginger Ale.

I paid a hefty price in Montreal – there was just too much to do, and sleeping seemed like a shame. So far, though, I still feel like I’m ahead. and I can hardly wait for the Vancouver Fringe Fest in September. I should be totally recovered by then…


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