Wish Me Luck…

So, this is me in 1988, dangerously close to 20 years ago…



I’m only adding in this bit of nostalgia because, after not skating for that previously mentioned almost 20 years, I just got a new toy…


It’s a Santa Cruz reissue, if you care for such details. My plan is to take it to the Aspen skatepark, which is about 5 blocks from my house…


This is the plan. Here I am warming up on my living room floor…barry_carpet_air.jpg

Though in all honesty the chances of me actually pulling off such a trick are very slim. In fact, if I find myself doing such a thing in the air, that means that things have suddenly turned very, very bad for me, and are about half a second away from getting much worse. Still, a guy can dream, right?

I think the graphic on this reissue board pretty much sums it up…


So, yeah…wish me luck.


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