Radio Guest

I was a guest on my friend Corby’s radio show “The Green Room” last night on KDNK. The Green Room usually features musicians talking about their influences and such, and playing songs that have inspired them along the way. Apparently no musicians were available, so he had me on instead. I brought along some stuff that inspired me – Ivor Cutler, Bill Hicks, Butthole Surfers, Zappa, Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, Wesley Willis and some more obscure sketch comedy bits.

Here’s Corby, from where I sat…

And me, from where Corby sat…though he did lean down a bit to take this up-the-nose shot.


Why is my hand inside of my shirt? Because it’s radio…you can do stuff like that.

Corby put his drink (POM Juice – free at the recent Aspen Ideas Festival) on the console until I moved some papers aside to reveal the affixed plaque –


We decided the best way to deal with this was to place the lid to his drink in a meaningful location…


Here’s Corby, about 5 minutes later, cleaning up his spilled POM Juice …


We can only hope that one of us learned something from this incident…


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