Dangers of the Outdoors.

I used to think there was no harm in smoking a bit of pot and going for a nice hike.


But I’m having to rethink this…because during my 3-or-so-hour trip up to Cathedral Lake outside of Aspen, there were many scenic photo opportunities. Like this…


And this…hike_1.jpg

My wife, Christina, took those pictures. I, on the other hand, took a lot of pictures like this next one…


And I mean a lot. A whole lot. I’ll spare you more examples, but let’s just say one more time that there are A LOT. And this is using an auto-focus camera with a macro setting – pretty hard to screw up, you’d think…

There were also far more than was necessary of these:


And plenty of variations on this theme …




Hey, I really like my hiking hat, so I take pictures of me under it whenever I can…

Then Christina somehow gets her hands on the camera and wastes a bunch of memory on stunning and scenic crap like this –




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