New Shows Countdown…

There’s still just over a month before I leave for Vancouver to perform “Jesus In Montana” at the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

But before that, I have plenty to do, including performing two new shows that I wrote (quickly) in the spring. It was something I called THE BARRY SMITH COMEDY PROJECT EXPERIMENT THING, and the idea was to write a brand new, one hour, solo, multi-media comedy show a week (then perform it at the end of that week) for four straight weeks, concluding with a “Jesus…” show. So, five different shows in five weeks…


They went well the first time around – sold out or nearly sold out houses for each one of the new shows, and we added an extra day of “Jesus” for that Sunday, which is a good thing, as they both sold out. And it was only about the middle of that week that I realized that the added Sunday was Easter. I’m clearly a staunch follower of religious holidays.

So, I’m taking the first two shows, reworking them a bit, and presenting them again in Aspen, at the Theatre Aspen Tent, a very nice local venue where they do repertory theater.

Here are the promotional things I have for it so far —



The top one is for the newspaper ad, the one directly above is the poster I’ll be hanging around town. See if you can tell which one was done by a professional graphic designer, and which one was slapped together by someone, me, perhaps, with a rudimentary knowledge of Adobe InDesign and little or no design sense.

Take your time.


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