Makin’ It…

Everyone has their own criteria for what “making it” is, right? As if there really is such a state or event – that’s a discussion for another time.

I have this little solo comedy show (if you’re just joining me) called “Jesus In Montana” that I’ve been having some success with for the past year, starting with winning the Outstanding Solo Show award at the 2005 NY International Fringe Festival.

Things are moving ahead slowly but surely for me in this performance career, and along the way I, too wonder how I’ll know when I’ve really “made it.”

Having all the gear to take a multimedia show on the road – that’s pretty cool…jim_av_stuff.jpg
Being followed around by a photographer because a magazine is doing a story on you is a good indication, right? A start, at least. That’s what happened to me a few days ago during one of my shows:


If you’ve never been followed around by a photographer (as I hadn’t, before this), here’s a little hint: you’ll find yourself making the above “pointing thoughtfully into the distance” pose a lot more than you EVER would in regular, non-photographed life.

What else? Well, how about having a cool producer to put your show up in another town? Got that:


Or getting to show up in that town and doing a radio interview at the cool, local public radio station? That happened, too…

Or how about actually SELLING OUT the local venue, a cool, refurbished old movie house, the Paradise Theater in Paonia, Colorado? 134 seats, 134 people. Pretty sweet, right? I was certainly happy.paradise_theatre.jpg

However, nothing prepared me for the sheer joy I felt when I first drove up to the theatre and saw the marquee announcing my show:


In case you are wondering – I generally spell my last name, “Smith,” in the traditional way. Like this: SMITH. And no, I didn’t Photoshop this pic – I’m not that good at Photoshop.


So, if one of your indicators of “making it” is that something happens in your life that is actually on par with a scene from Spinal Tap, then, well…I have arrived.


One response to “Makin’ It…

  1. Now that, is extremely funny Mr Smiht.
    Confirms my view that everyone in Paonia is stoned most of the time. Make that all of the time.

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