What Goes Through The Mind…

…of a Fringe Performer? That’s what the link-to-performer-blogs area on the Vancouver Fringe web page asks.
Well, here’s the current answer:

“Holy Fuckin Shit!!”

That’s what I thought yesterday as I opened my iBook, the one that I run the multimedia portion of my “Jesus In Montana” show from, the show that I’m performing in Vancouver in less than a week, the show that is totally dependant (in a good, creative way) on the hilarious slides/video/graphs/charts/etc..that are currently housed in said iBook, the one that, as you may recall from earlier in this monstrous sentence, was just opened – and didn’t work.

I’m pretty good at diagnosing problems with my computer, so I can say with some authority that it’s fucked. Luckily, I was able to transfer the data from the hard drive, so I’m not equally fucked.

I really hate telling people what to do, or at least try hard to pretend to hate telling people what to do, but listen to me – back up your computer right now. No, I mean now. You can read the rest of this blog later…

So, my little pre-Vancouver to-do list that I was making so much progress on now includes “Order new computer (done), hope computer arrives before plane leaves, receive computer, transfer data to new computer, make sure new computer is up and running, jump on plane to Vancouver.”

Had this happened next week, say Friday, before my first show, my thoughts would have been, “Yes, one shot of hemlock, please.”


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