New Computer, and Just in Time…

Here’s a picture I took of my new computer:


My hand is not deformed, I’m just doing the intricate little 3-key combo that makes the computer take a picture of me while I take a picture of it:


Though when I look at that picture, I have to admit that my hand looks pretty strange.

Funny, this was meant to be a post about how I got a new computer JUST in the nick of time to head to the Vancouver Fringe Festival (my show, Jesus In Montana, is multi-media, and runs off of a computer, so you can see the exciting drama potential, right?), and about the “infinite loop” potential of having a computer  that will photograph me photographing it, but instead I’m realizing that I have freakishly large and potentially deformed-looking hands.

I’m not an animal! I am a human being!

Anyway, I leave for Vancouver tomorrow…I wonder if they’ll let me on the plane with my freakish hands, what with these tight new security measures and all…


3 responses to “New Computer, and Just in Time…

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  2. Nice. “The circle is complete…”

    Your hands are only slightly deformed and a little largish, but they aren’t freakish.


    See you in Vancouver.

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