Self Promotion at the Vancouver Fringe Festival…

I’ve never been interested in sales, yet I am now a salesman, and it is me that I am selling. Well, my Jesus In Montana show, technically, but really it’s me, since I’m the guy in the show.

Here are the top three things that people say when you hand them a flyer that says “Jesus In Montana” on it, one that looks like this:


1) “Are you Jesus? Ha, ha, ha…”

2) “Oh, I didn’t know He was in Montana. Ha, ha, ha…”

3) “Are you Jesus? Ha, ha, ha…”

But you have to overlook such weak and predictable stabs at cleverness and press on with what I believe is known in the business as the “elevator pitch.” I have my pitch down to about 45 seconds now (seconds do count), but I can also do the 20-second version if I have to – like if people are running away. Longer versions are always easier, if you have such a luxury…

Sometimes people react as if you are trying to hand them something vile and horrible – and these are people walking out of a fringe show, so they know what the deal is.

“Would you like to hear about my show? All the times and dates are written on this handful of warm puppy shit that I’d like to hand you. C’mon, take it. TAKE IT!”

But those cases are rare. I really love flyering – it’s a chance to spend a few minutes with little clumps of people and see if you can win them over, like a little mini-show. I’m going to do some of it today, in fact. After a nap.

I saw 3 shows yesterday, and I’d recommend all of them: “The Best of the Pajama Men,” “The Excursionists” and “Jesus Christ: The Lost Years.” Go to the Vancouver Fringe web site, linked HERE, for info on these shows. I haven’t seen “Drama Queen” yet, but have gotten to know the writer/performer Alex Dallas, and she is smart and funny, so I have no doubts that it will be wonderful as well.

And come see my show tonight, 9:15, at the Waterfront Theatre. Unless you’re reading this post months from now…

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