Vancouver Fringe Pics…

OK, so here I am in a beautiful city, experiencing what I’m told is unusually beautiful weather. So what do I do? Take pictures of signs and other words.

Here’s a non-verbal one before we get started…


See? Real nice…coffee and scenery. Cool. Now, on to my strange obsession with pictures of words:


Seems like a valid enough warning. I mean, trucks on your sidewalk is something that could affect you personally.


I live in Colorado, so I don’t know a whole lot about seagulls. Do they all look as sinister as the one on this warning sticker? Or has it been retouched? It looks kinda evil and calculating, no? Like it could easily read, “Warning: Protect your children, eyes, genitals and VISA card number from seagulls.”


I like graffiti with a message.


Again, a good bit of info to pass along.


Obviously, given their use of two versions of communicating the need to have their display glass not be touched, it has become a bit of an issue. Probably rogue seagulls entering the shop and touching the glass…


This is the “content checklist” that is outside of each Fringe show. These checks don’t apply to my show. I get “Solo performance, adult language and religious content.” I think a worthy goal would be to create a show that allows you to check every single box, including writing “Penguin sodomy” in the “Other” box. Next year…


Here’s a little crowd forming outside of my venue, the Waterfront Theatre, well before my show last night. It was one of my best shows ever – I felt good, and the audience was really into it. We all had fun and laughed, and the house was nice and full, especially for a Sunday night at 9:15. Here’s my view from the stage, pre-show, with Vaseline on my glasses…


Really nice spot. After the show I went to a party with some other performers. Later in the evening we played Trivial Pursuit (hey…it was Sunday night at 2 a.m.) I somehow managed to answer a pie-earning sports question, and, given that I was surrounded by actors who know nothing about sports (I also know nothing, but I just lucked out on this question), I was suddenly looked on with much suspicion – who’s the American sports-knowing freak!? Then the party wound down and looked, at least partly, like this:


Aren’t they just the cutest little cluster of Fringe performers? Awwww….



2 responses to “Vancouver Fringe Pics…

  1. Hi Barry.

    Loved your show, and now I am greatly entertained by your website.

    Am glad you have not exposed the underbelly or dark side of “the island”, as I imagine you have seen some fascinating sights on your walks.

    love the photos of signs. the sign I would love to see is “procrastination for the nation” . add it to your site if you find it.

    continue having fun !

    see you around the festival.

  2. Trust me on the seagulls. Sit outside amongst the diners for a while, and watch the seagulls raid somebody. They’re quite aggressive, and very savvy.

    In fact, I recently read an account of just such a raid. From

    “Ten feet out of the door, I was attacked by six of the largest seagulls you’ve ever seen. The crowd around us on benches and boardwalk gasped and screamed. My mother ran to the side with her plate.”

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