Post Vancouver Post

There was just so much to do in Vancouver that I didn’t have time to fully record it all here in the way that I wanted. I’m home now, so I can start reflecting on some of the things I witnessed.

Let’s start in the toilet. This is easily the most detailed “Must Wash Hands” sign I have ever seen. This was obviously designed for people who are washing their hands for the very first time. It warms my heart to know that Canadian employers don’t discriminate against those who lack even the most basic hygiene skills.


Here’s a little something I saw at the coffee shop:


I just really like that combination of words, especially when presented without punctuation:

“Yes, a Regular Medium Supremo, please. Better make that a double. And leave room for cream.”


Not sure what to make of this one (above). It’s like the U.S. Department of Homeland Security designed the menu for this Indian fast food place.



Canadians clearly loves them some toast.

“Would you like a bagel instead?”

“No way – I’m sticking with toast. I’m a toast man from the word go. Toast for me, all the way. In fact, in my world, there is no substitute for toast. None. And if I were from a different part of North America I’d stomp a mudhole in your ass for even suggesting one.”


I heard that cannabis was legal in British Columbia, or at least tolerated. I decided the best way to find this out for sure would be to get my hands on some and smoke it. Some people learn visually, some aurally, others tactically. I learn by smoking things. I’m sure there’s a word for that. Besides “pathetic,” I mean. Anyway, here’s what I learned…


First of all, I learned that it’s cheap. Imagine this little container (above) twice as full, which is what it was before I smoked half of it and decided to start taking pictures. It cost me $10. Canadian! That’s so cheap that it’s like giving the guy nothing!

“Thanks for the high quality BC bud, what do I owe you?”

“Oh, just give me a handful of gravel from that driveway over there and we’ll call it even.”

Now, I never found out for sure if it was legal, but I did notice a very polite sign on the bus that nudged me towards a more pleasant and safe smoking experience:


See how helpful Canadians are?

I know, I know – bad pun. But I didn’t write them. I just took the pictures…



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