I Fear Change…

I returned from my 2-week trip to find this scene near the post office:


It may not look like much to you if you don’t know that when I left there was a wooden walkway where the cement one now lies. If I had a picture of the wooden walkway, I’d post it here, giving you a simple before-and-after example. But I don’t. And why would I? It was a wooden walkway, something I saw and used every day, no big deal at all. Hardly worth a photo.

And now it’s gone…

Here’s an example of what it looked like:


You know, a wooden walkway. Maybe it’s even called a “boardwalk,” but I’m not sure about that. Imagine the above, only stretched the length of the cement walkway in the earlier picture. And imagine it in advanced disrepair, with loose boards, rickety foundation, nails sticking out…a splinter factory. I think replacing it was probably a wise move, from both a moral and legal standpoint. But I feel nostalgic for it.

AND it made me want to start snapping pictures of the things all around it, the things that may be gone tomorrow and I’ll have no record of them. Like this…


If I went to the post office tomorrow and this red thing, that seems to be chained to a post so no one will steal it, was not there, I’d REALLY wish I had a picture of it. Like I now do. I don’t even know what the red thing is , or is for, but I felt the need to capture it in time.

And what about these makeshift “Parking For Official Vehicles Only” sign? The ones people ignore so they can run up and drop off their video:


Some day it may be replaced by a more permanent sign, and I’ll be glad I have this little snapshot. And so will you.


Pile of bricks in the corner, how I’ll miss you when you’re gone. But this picture will help ease the pain.

4 responses to “I Fear Change…

  1. Hey there Barry.

    Boy, the things you find on your walks around town. Makes me yearn for the good ole days when I had a collection of golf balls neatly arranged in the back yard.

    Some folks used rocks in their rock garden, I had golf balls. WHY? Bowling balls were too expensive for such an artistic moment such as this.

    I just wish I would have taken a picture of it. But this would have been back in the FILM camera days. Ohhhh how much better we have it.

    Keep on bloggin.

  2. We read the article about you not getting any comments and decided to write you something. After reading your post, we went all paranoid and started snapping shots of everything. For documentation. For PROOF that the Matrix really does exist. I mean, think about it Barry. How did that walkway change so damn fast????
    hehe Did we freak ya out?

    Goldielocks and The Schnoz-new bloggers to the cruel blogger world.

  3. Oh my long dead lord Barry, you f*&^ing nailed it…Crossing those boards was like walking over lava on a string bridge, I was just waiting to fall in, much like crossing the Maroon Creek every day. But now that those splinters are gone, I miss them as well…It seems like the new concrete walkway “conwalk?” is walking over a grave, chills light up my back hairs every time I go there…By the way, if you see my dog down there, please photograph him, as he may end up a lump of pink cement with flowers sticking out of his noggin if he isnt careful…

    I have to note the excellent observation and documentation of the red thing…This made me laugh out loud, really…I am going to go look for it tomorrow…


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