Manitou Springs, CO show…

Here’s the theatre in this cool little town where I was performing…


Here’s a Barry’s-eye-view of the soon-to-be-packed but currently empty theatre –


And here’s a shot of the backstage setup – that part with the light on, right under the cowboys, is my dressing room area.


And here’s me, opening night, engaging in my strenuous pre-show ritual. I like to get really pumped up so I can bring that energy to the stage with me…

And yes, I do have the equivalent of a small convenience store’s worth of snacks spread out before me. I have needs.


I’m always looking for little “signs” before a show, especially on opening night, when I’m sometimes a little nervous. I found a great one on this night…


Pretty cool, huh? I mean, this clearly says that me that I am, you know, in precisely the right place, for life and stuff. Of course, one of the requirements for guiding one’s life by such “signs” is the ability to be very selective. For instance, had I not had the ability to pick out this little “sign” from its less-than-encouraging surroundings and context, I might have come away with a very different message:



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