A First…

Today I saw something that I’ve never seen before – someone jogging while talking on a cell phone. Not one of those bluetooth/Borg/in-ear ones either, an actual hand-held cellular telephone. While jogging. AND running a dog on a leash beside them.

I’m no Luddite – I love my cell phone, and technology in general. I had just never seen such a thing before. It seems like a one-or-the other proposition to me – jog or chat on the phone. If you are jogging and you get a call you want to take, answer the phone and power-walk for a bit. Or something.

I was riding my bike when I saw this, and decided I needed a picture. But it’s a small town, and I probably know the person who was jogging, so I didn’t want to be too blatant about it. I pulled my camera from my pocket, took the leather case off with my teeth (all while still biking a partially icy/snowy road) and, once I was at least a block away, took the following picture over my shoulder:


If you look really, really close, you can see what may or may not be this jogger over there on the right. Sorta. Good shot of the side of my head, though. And my shoulder.

Look, I know what I saw. You’ll just have to trust me.


2 responses to “A First…

  1. Yeah, I once saw something that was even more amazing. I saw this guy riding his bike on an icy road taking a picture over his shoulder. Taking pictures, while riding a bike. It would seem like a one or another proposition to me-ride your bike, or take pictures…

    Really enjoy your stuff. Thanks for making me laugh. I moved to Muscle shoals Alabama a little over two years ago. (Its north of Cullman, pretty sure they consider us yankees though).

  2. Hey Barry : You’re good. Keep it up.
    This is a comment on your entry about Mom’s cafe in Salina. Been there.
    Ed Abbey : “Never eat at a place called Mom’s, never play poker with a man named Doc, and never sleep with anyone who has more problems than you do.”
    But you know that.
    Rock on….!

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