Trip To Mississippi, Part 2

Our first night we drove to Holly Springs, MS, and stayed in some fancy hotel (Day’s Inn.) We went out in search of food and found this place:



Perfect! For me, at least. I ordered the catfish plate and a side of fried okra. Christina begrudgingly ordered a fish sandwich. You place your order and then go back and wait in your car until it’s done. I suppose you could phone ahead, but who knew? We drove around most of Holly Springs, came back, and still had to wait an additional 15 minutes. Who needs fast food? Proper deep frying takes time, I tried to explain to Christina. Here’s what we got:


Nothing but brown food! I was in heaven. Christina was in shock. I ate hers, too. She had a French fry and went to sleep. I was feeling bad for talking her out of bringing Cliff Bars with her.


The next day we checked out Holly Springs in the daylight. It was Thanksgiving Day, so no hope of finding anyone who would sell us some food. That’s OK, we’d be at Aunt Ann’s house later that day, over in Alabama, where we’d get a traditional spread. Don’t worry, I didn’t take a picture of it…


So, Holly Springs – when you see a car this cool looking…


You have to have this kind of picture taken with it…


Especially if it’s next to a grocery store that looks like this:


Christina wanted to see fancy antebellum homes, so we drove around and found some. Like this one…


This, to her, is the South. And in some cases it is, but I tried to explain to her that we weren’t quite in the Mississippi Delta yet, this was still the hill country, and that we got to the Delta we’d be seeing a very different type of dwelling. I tried my best to describe it to her, but words only go so far…shotgun_shack.jpg

We still had a few things to do before we got there, so no hurry. We were getting hungry, and Christina was about to have a true Southern experience – her first Piggly Wiggly:


We bought some bananas and hit the road, Alabama bound –


To be continued…



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