Trip To Mississippi, Part 3

On our way to Alabama for Thanksgiving with the family, we begin to get hungry again. I stop for gas and come out with a surprise – a staple of Southern cuisine, which Christina has never even heard of –


She flips it over and reads the ingredients…


…then tosses it back to me, unopened, and says, “Very funny.”

A few hours later we’re in Cullman, Alabama, with my Aunt Ann and Uncle Paul and 3 of their 5 kids with respective spouse and kids and kid’s kids. It was my first holiday with this part of my family in, oh, nearly 30 years. It was a really nice reconnection and the food spread (not to overemphasize something so materialistic as food in light of such a poignant reunion, but plummeting blood sugar sometimes dictates such literary choices) was slammin’. Christina was able to eat, and for the first time I felt like she might actually survive the trip.



Afterwards (below), stuffed with traditional American Thanksgiving fare, I fell asleep mid-sentence, with my mouth still open. You can see the relief in the tired eyes of the person next to me, the one I was boring with the captivating details of my life (see rest of blog) …


That night we retreated to a hotel room, a cozy little place (hello, Days Inn…this blog is accepting kickbacks) with some interesting signs:


And an even more interesting free breakfast:


Not the grits in the upper left hand corner? Mmmm, mmmm! I loves ’em. Christina tried to put sugar on hers and I instinctively slapped her hand away, saying, maybe a little too loud for the early hour, “You wanna get us all killed!?” I have pictures of her eating unsweetened (non-Yankee) grits, but it was very early and the lighting was bad and she’d kill me if I posted them. I’m sure this is a big disappointment to everyone reading this paragraph. I did take this picture at breakfast, though…it’ll have to do for now…


After breakfast we went back to Aunt Ann’s house. She had, on my request, dragged out all of the family pictures for me to look through. She’s my mother’s sister, and had lots of pics of my mother as a child that I had never seen. Soon everyone was taking a little nostalgic stroll with me – they even set up a card table in the living room so we could all paw through the past.


I found some amazing stuff. Really, a memorabilia lover’s jackpot. Like this newspaper clipping (from the early 60s, I’m guessing) of my mother as a teenager (far right). Totally cool:


After scanning and grabbing pictures, we were on our way back to Mississippi, this time to visit the Delta, a very different region of the South. We passed the “Welcome To Mississippi” sign well after nightfall, and I had to pull over on this not-particularly-safe bit of highway roadside…


 And force my wife to run up and pose for this picture with me.




Clearly this is the last thing that she (or anyone, really) would want to be doing at this moment, yet she handled the whole ordeal with superb grace. Next stop, the Mississippi Delta…

To be continued…



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