No Sleep ’til Fresno, Part 2

I guess I just think that “No Sleep ’til Fresno” is such a clever little entry title that I want to use it at least twice. Which I have now done.

I’m leaving for Fresno, CA tomorrow morning to perform “Jesus In Montana” at the Rogue Festival (go here for dates and stuff.) I’ll be doing 6 shows, starting Friday night, then heading down to Southern California to visit some family. My family, specifically. Not just “some” family, though I might drop in on them, too, depending on what’s for dinner.

The funny thing is, if you read this entry from last May, you’ll see that I actually made a rather unkind reference to Fresno. I don’t know why – I’ve never been there and don’t know a single thing about it, and so far everyone at the Rogue Fest has been totally cool and helpful and accommodating, despite my having used their city as a visual punch line.

I hope I can make it up to Fresno somehow.


2 responses to “No Sleep ’til Fresno, Part 2

  1. Where? I don’t see any unkind references to Fresno. You censored it, didn’t you??? Shame, shame, SHAME!

    Or … were you referring to the lint? Perhaps lint is a common counter-cultural metaphor for Fresno. I feel so out of touch. This is embarassing.

  2. I live in Fresno – and at a local bookstore I picked up a California Travel Guide (2002 edition) and looked up Fresno.

    The entry for Fresno started with the phrase, “Gateway to Bakersfield”.

    It went down from there.

    But we’re no longer the butt of jokes, no sir! We’re famous now, with our very own Hollywood stars, like Kevin Federline!

    Hope you have fun here. Make sure you say “hi” to our mayor Alan Autry, (“Bubba” Skinner from “The Heat of the Night”), and stop by downtown Clovis (stuck to the side of Fresno) and check out their statue of Ken Curtis as “Festus Haggen”.

    (tsk) I have no idea why people make fun of Fresno.

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