Here, in my Van…

So, I bought a van. You’ll be reading a lot about it soon, as it is my cool new toy. It’s a ‘92 Dodge Ram Van 250, which doesn’t mean a whole lot to me, except that it has a bed in it and it runs. I will be touring my “Jesus In Montana” show and my new show, “American Squatter,” through Canada in this van in the summer. More on that in future posts.

I left for Fresno a few days ago. On the way out of town I stopped at Wal-Mart to get some crucial road supplies – jumper cables, fire extinguisher, air freshener, etc…When I returned to the van I saw this:


Here’s the close up.


I don’t eat SPAM, and I have no idea why this was put there, though I’m sure it wasn’t there when I parked – I would have noticed that, I’m sure.

I’ve decided to take it as a good omen for my trip. It was either that or be a little bit creeped out…

My trip took two and a half days, because I went slow. The whole idea with the van is to NEVER pay for a hotel room while on the road. That’s my goal.

It’s been a few years since I’ve driven a van around – I used to drive a 1972 VW bus, which I drove to Guatemala, then up to Canada.  But that was when I was 24. Now I’m 40. It’s kinda worth mentioning, I guess…

So, the whole park-the-van-somewhere-and-sleep-in-it thing is a bit foreign to me at this point. And paying for camp sites is also out of the question. I will sleep for free!!

Here’s where I parked the first night – Green River, CO. I think it was somebody’s yard or something…


And the second night – Baker, CA.


That’s “The World’s Largest Thermometer” you see in the background. Seriously. So, when I woke up in the morning and thought, hmmm…I wonder how cold it is outside, I could just peel back the curtain and check it out. I did this, of course, because I don’t see the opportunity ever arising again…


And now, in Fresno, I’m staying with someone, which means I’m comfortably parked in their back yard with use of a bathroom and shower. Killer. Here’s my home for the next 10 days…


Yes, it’s true…I’m a bit excited about having a van. Maybe it’ll pass, but lately I’ve been taking more pics of the van than I do of those extended-arm-self-portrait things. And I take a LOT of those…



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