Before I get to the start of the Rogue Festival, I have to mention this truck. First of all you have to know that by the time I saw this truck I’d been driving, alone, for 2 days, and my iPod charger wasn’t working. So lots of musicless driving was about to intertwine with, and this really goes without saying, lots of coffee.

When I came up behind this truck on Hwy. 58 towards Bakersfield, I was very excited. Well, calmed, actually. Mesmerized. Dazzled.


I mean, look at that! Rows and rows of neat, neat little circles. Ahhhhh…I rode behind this truck for over half an hour, until I found myself tailgating a bit too much in an effort to fill my field of vision entirely with these perfect, perfect little circles.


Rest Area time…

So, The Rogue Festival – it’s a cool little performance festival in Fresno, CA now in its 6th year now. My venue is the Starline Theatre, a funky, cool little rock venue.


Here’s Renee, aka Solitaire, the venue manager. She’s also the lead in a great Rogue show called Tale End. She’s very busy this week.


Here’s Cody, the technician.


Given the fringe-like nature of this festival, we didn’t really get around to doing a real tech rehearsal, so my show opening was essentially a rehearsal of light and sound cues. Not the thing you want to do in front of a packed house, which I opened to.

As a result, the tech cues were about 20% on target. And since I hadn’t done my “Jesus In Montana” show since October, I was a bit more nervous than normal, so the fact that sounds were coming in and out at totally wrong times made it even more challenging. I know the audience didn’t notice this, but I was totally distracted by it. It was kinda like doing my show while someone stood onstage and shot rubber bands at my face. Not hard enough to put an eye out, but enough to make me notice. Oh, and this person, and the rubber bands, are invisible to the audience.

It wasn’t Cody’s fault, it was just one of those things. And I’m pretty pleased that I managed to do a good show despite the distraction.

But the second show we both nailed it. Good job, Cody.

The third show, yesterday morning, was just killer. Really good house, especially for a Sunday morning at 11:30. And they were REALLY into it. I even got a nice little standing ovation.

Fresno rocks!

Now I have 2 days off before I do three more shows. I’ll spend most of it here in the coffee shop, working on the script for my new show, “American Squatter,” which needs to be completed real, real soon…


One response to “Ahhh…Fresno.

  1. Your second and third shows really rocked! I am still hearing a huge buzz about your show with people saying “I need to go see..” “Have you seen this yet…” “I have to see it again…”

    Well done indeed! 🙂

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