Days Off Suck…

I took this picture in the Italian Deli yesterday:


I didn’t do it subtly, either – the first two were with a flash, and there was too much reflection, so I had to do a third. After three tries somebody is bound to ask what the hell you’re taking a picture of. What could I say? For some reason I was just so attracted to the “Add Bacon To Your Sandwich” sign. I mean, it could have read, “Add Bacon For Only $1” or “We Have Bacon, Too” or “Bacon On The Premises,” but instead it’s just as straightforward as it gets. Add bacon to your sandwich. Like a disembodied voice you might hear while placing your deli order.

But you can’t tell people this stuff. You just have to say something like, “I just thought it looked cool.” Which doesn’t make you any less of a freak, but at least it doesn’t get you banned from the store. And you CERTAINLY can’t go into your current fascination with taking pictures of “Employees Must Wash Hands” signs, and how excited you are to be on the road for 4 months, using basically nothing but public restrooms, and all the “Wash Hands” photo ops you’re bound to encounter.



If taking pictures of menu signs in a deli is odd, being discovered with your digital camera out in a public restroom is downright dangerous. “I swear, I was just taking a picture of the hand washing sigh! Your Honor.”

No, no, no…just stick with “I just thought it looked cool,” order extra chips, and live to dine another day.

I’ve had two days off from performing, and this is basically what I’ve done for most of them:


It’s kind of a dream come true for me, the on-the-road cafe lifestyle, hanging out, online, journaling, blogging, pasting things in the scrapbook, but I like performance days better. They give you some real focus, AND they keep me from drinking coffee to the point of losing my mind.

The Fresno Bee chose “Jesus In Montana” as one of the top 5 (out of 100) shows to see for this final weekend of the Rogue Festival, so that should work out well for me. I have a show tonight at 8:30, a good time slot. So, bring on the bacon…


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