In My Head…

Last night I did a pretty much sold out performance of “Jesus In Montana” at the Rogue Festival. I don’t think anyone was turned away, but there were no empty seats, and lots of people were standing, so I think that counts as a sold out show. Pretty much. Look, I’m saying “Sold Out,” OK? I’m even going to post it on my web page – SOLD OUT!

But the exciting part, besides it being SOLD OUT and people seemingly really enjoying it, is that I touched my head during the performance.

I know, I know…pretty exciting, right?

See, my show is basically a monologue with PowerPoint. (Keynote, actually, for you fellow Mac geeks.) So, it’s me, standing in front of a microphone, telling the story of when I was in a religious cult. I don’t do voices and characters and stuff, I just tell a really good story, and I tell it pretty well, I think. But last night I touched my head while telling it. So very cool…

It’s not like I’ve ever avoided touching my head on stage, or ever thought that the introduction of head-touching was what my show really needs to be even better. No, this touching of my own head was totally organic and spontaneous. And, I should point out, it came at a moment in the show when head-touching was appropriate, during a moment of particular excitement, and again during despair. So I don’t think anyone in the audience even noticed. Which is the idea. You don’t want people going away saying, “Good show, but what was with all the head touching?”

So, yeah…another day off today. I hate ‘em. It’s like slamming on the brakes. But that excitement of last night’s head touching will give me enough momentum to carry me through to tomorrow night’s show. The only thing I have to watch is that I don’t go overboard with the head touching during the next show.

Gotta leave ‘em wanting more…

And here, for no real reason, is a picture of a sign I saw on a nearby pay phone:


A technician has been called, but it may take him a few months to reach North America.”

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