Schmire Code

So, “Fire Code Violation” is a big and serious clump of words, so I won’t be using them here. But it is worth mentioning that the number of people who attended last night’s performance of “Jesus In Montana” at the Rogue Festival fell somewhere in between these (arbitrary, no doubt) numbers determined by the Fire Marshall:


People weren’t exactly dancing (given the nature of my show, if people start dancing during it, this means that things have gone very, very wrong), nor, thank God, were they “DINNING,” which defines as “to sound or utter with clamor or persistent repetition.” Extra chairs had to be brought in and unfolded up front, there was standing room only in the back and sides. People were seated on the floor down front. The side curtain had to be ripped down so those in the wings could see the screen. In the words of Mojo Nixon, you couldn’t fit more people in there with a crowbar.

And a whole bunch of people in line got turned away because there just wasn’t enough room, which is bittersweet for me. Obviously it’s kinda cool to say “people had to be turned away,” but the whole point is for people to get to see the show, so…

My camera wasn’t capable of capturing the size of the crowd outside, so you have to look carefully to see it fading into the distance.


And it was a great show, just as I’d hoped and felt. Actually, I don’t know why it wasn’t my best show thus far. I really enjoyed performing it and felt like everyone was there with me. Amazing, really. Some people I actually recognized from earlier shows – they’d come back again, just like me, going twice to see the bellydancer show. I sat up front, on the carpet for both of the performances of the Tanjora Dancers, with a smile on my face for an entire hour. It was just so beautiful and sensual and breathtaking. I actually wept at one point, I was so moved by the beauty. Sheesh…what a baby…



One of the dancers came up to me afterwards and said, “It was so great to see you there up front…you were obviously enjoying it, and not in a creepy way.”

Yes! For a small window of my life I was NOT being creepy, and someone actually noticed!

And I get to do it again today – my show, that is…not NOT be creepy – in about 6 hours. I think it will be my best show ever. Again. In fact, a stream of “best shows ever thus far” would be a pretty cool life. I think I’ll set that goal for myself.

Oh, and the girl mentioned in the past two posts did show up, and told me she liked the show, and thanked me for putting her on the list. So I was wrong, wrong, wrong. It feels pretty good to be so wrong.


Clarification: The Bellydancing was a performance by Tanjora – a separate performance, one of the 100 acts at the Rogue fest. And I went to see it twice. Sorry for the poor transition above…


5 responses to “Schmire Code

  1. Hey Barry!..glad to hear that things are going well for you/show and that you are busy, busy, busy..looking forward to seeing you out on the road again this summer..all the best, Colette

  2. BS – was the bellydancing thing a opening act or something? I am missing the connection. “Blogrolled” from the comment above is a funny verb. It sounds like “bog roll.” Hee haw. The Chicken Pie place looked, uhm, authentic? Have you ever had Fried Chicken & Waffles in Las Vegas? I keep hearing rumours on the goodness…

  3. Hey! Why does everyone above me have a cooler name than me? Shit. Gotta fix that. Congrats Barry, on not being creepy that is. You’ve come a long way. Yea, you’re pretty funny too. When do we see a list of your show dates? I’d like to think I can make it to the Edmonton Fringe, but at the very least I can send some people your way. Glad everything is going so well for you. It’s about time.

    Creepily, Mark,

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