What Part of FresNO Don’t You Understand?

OK, OK, the whole Fresno pun thing is so lame, I know. But I just had to write that “What Part of FresNO…” thing down so I could get it out of my head. I think it would make a great T-shirt. Which is to say, it would make a totally lame T-shirt and nobody with any taste or sense of humor would ever wear it. But there, it’s done. I can move on.

Final “Jesus In Montana” show at the Rogue Fest – sold out, good show, great crowd. I even had real live Jesus groupies, which I probably don’t need to point out is a bit of a dream come true for me.


Thoughts on the Rogue Festival – in all honesty I didn’t expect too much from this fest. I hadn’t done my show since November, so I thought it would be a nice little warm-up for my upcoming tour. I took it seriously, preparing and planning and such, but I’d heard so much about central California being the Bible Belt, and people telling me that a show about Jesus that is not REALLY about Jesus would upset people, and was I prepared for that, blah blah blah. I was a bit spooked, and thought my reception would be mediocre at best. However, all my expectations of Fresno were exceeded – great people, great festival, great audiences for my show. I can’t wait to return to the Rogue Festival in 2008, not only to perform but also to revisit all of my new friends.

I’ve had way too much coffee on this trip. I’ve managed to map out my coffee intake, from first sip to last, on an actual cup.


After the first sip I think I’m cute, a few more sips brings bliss, then I think I’m clever, etc…If I were to stop high enough on the scale I would be OK, but I always drink each cup down to the point where my stomach hurts enough to make me think I may have an ulcer. Then I eat a banana, get another cup and start all over again. Yee haw.


The Rogue organizers held a nice little lunch for staff and performers. Here they all are.


Then it was off to Southern Cal for a few days, where I proceeded to turn my father’s hyper clean and organized guest bedroom into an extension of the mess that is in my van.


This may not seem all that messy to you, but my dad has certain cleanliness criteria that I do not meet. But he was cool about it and let me do my thing. Here he is doing an Internet search for how to tolerate family visitors.



I spent the next two days scanning in old family pictures for my new show, “American Squatter,” which is, among other things, about my relationship with my father and his passion for neatness. That’s irony, right? And not the  saying-irony-when-it’s-just-weird kind, but real live irony.

I brought along my own scanner, an external hard drive, and I scanned well into each night.


Because that seems to be what I do…

2 responses to “What Part of FresNO Don’t You Understand?

  1. I think that they were Jesus groupies, cuz I didn’t see anything about “Jesus in Montana” or “Barry Smith” on their t-shirts. Sorry to burst your bubble. The coffee cup thing is funny. I will be stealing it and releasing a line of gratuated coffee mugs any moment now.

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