The Good Guy


I slept that night at the Glendale, Nevada motel. Well, in the parking lot. Specifically, in a parking space right in front of the hotel.


Since I slept in the van, I didn’t get a chance to check out this newfangled “Color TV” thing that I’ve been hearing so much about.


I went into the café, attached to the motel, for some breakfast. There were only two other people there, one of them pictured.


While I waited for the server I read the rather odd story/sign on the wall.


Rather than make you squint your way through it, I’ll synopsize: “I’m the guy who goes into a restaurant and waits patiently while the waitresses finish their visiting before they help me. I don’t say a thing, because I’m a good guy. But I don’t ever eat there again, because if restaurants want my business, they have to earn it.” Something like that. It is basically a short story that says hey, we appreciate your business, and we are just totally service oriented.

I read it. Twice. And then I realized that I’d been sitting there for about 5 minutes and no one had even said hello. I looked over and saw that the waitress was chatting with one of the customers. Not taking his order, just hanging out. Now, I’m not exactly a customer-is-always-right kinda guy. In fact, I like to think I’m way too patient. But there was just something way too telling about reading “The Good Guy” saga while the server ignored me. But maybe she was following the policy of the other sign in the café.


Whatever the case, I got up, bought a cup of coffee from the store next door, and hit the road.

Drove, drove, drove…got bored and took pictures of myself driving….drove, drove, drove…


… then stopped to check my email. And yes, I did find that I got a stronger signal the closer I was to the sign.


Drove, drove, drove, and then I saw the welcoming sight of Mt. Sopris around sunset, meaning home is just around the corner. Cool.


2 responses to “The Good Guy

  1. It is so good to hear your adventures while driving home. 🙂

    I can’t wait to read about your travels over the next few months!

    bravo and happy trails dude!

  2. Hi… just wanted to let you know that I had the chance to sleep at the …wonderful… Glendale Motel just 3 weeks ago…

    Unfortunately the restaurant wasn’t existing anymore, only the small shop and the gasoline station were there…

    You really missed something: the color TV was …amazing…!!! And what about the cleaning? Absolutely …terrific…!!!

    What an experience!


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