Fresno Misc…

So, back home from Fresno and the Rogue Festival now, but I wanted to post a few misc. photos that I took during the trip before moving on to what’s next.

Let’s begin…

I was perfectly content to just lift the handle and wait, but after reading this sign I really wanted to pump.


I like fitness and health and exercise and stuff, but the prospect of looking like this guy makes me want to swear off all physical activity.



I’m glad to see that Heath has branched out a bit and no longer focuses on JUST typewriters.



OK, so if you are making a flyer announcing the visit of the immunization van in your neighborhood, what kind of clip art would you choose? Well, the skipping, happy nuclear family silhouette, of course. Duh.


I was perfectly content to close the door gently and carefully, but after reading the sign I really wanted to slam. Twice.


And finally, a shot of me, taken by me, of me scanning old pictures of me (while watching myself in the mirror) and video taping myself while doing so. More photos of this nature coming soon. Lucky you.



3 responses to “Fresno Misc…

  1. I think that Heath’s only sold “typewriter,” not “typewriters.” Just one. But it was enormous. It needed a team of mules to work the carriage return.

  2. Ooooh boy! I wish the immunization van would come around my town!!! 🙂

    LMAO! Oy… your travels have been a lot of fun to watch! Thank you for the updates! I hope you continue to do this throughout your trip!


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