No Time For This…

I was going to call this post “Focus!” but then I realized I’ve already given a post that title. What does this say about me? Exactly.

The thing is, I really don’t have time to be screwing around with stuff like this these days, so of course I found myself doing that Celebrity Look Alike thing, and, well, no offense to the folks at My Heritage (where you can go and have your own image sized up against the rich and famous), but I think their software still has some bugs to work out. The first go-round I uploaded a picture without my glasses, but it told me I looked like John Kerry, so, glasses on. And quick! But my with-glasses doppelgangers weren’t so much better:


So, if I’m to believe this, I look like Wayne Brady, Colin Farrel and Calista Flockhart? WTF? Are there 3 more different celebrities in the world? Seriously, I think it’s randomly generated. If I sent the same picture in again it would probably tell me I look like Uma Thurman, Bob Saget and Meadowlark Lemon.

But I just don’t have the time right now.

American Squatter Script Reading…

I did a script reading of my new show, “American Squatter,” over the weekend. It was a great night; packed house and a generous audience. Afterwards Derek Skalko did a photo shoot so I’d have some press photos for the new show.


Really, there is nothing more relaxing than pretending to be expressive and emotive while a group of people stand by and watch. Now I know why some celebrities, once they are in a position to do so, demand that nobody look at them. I think that would be cool. And if you could demand that people not look at you, couldn’t you also demand that they look at you a certain way, like while making a monkey face? I cannot wait to achieve that level of celebrity. Meanwhile, I need to learn to get through a simple photo shoot. And I can try my best to continually surround myself with cuteness, as Jenn and Alexa have so graciously helped with in this photo…


A few days later it was time for the other end of the spectrum – filling out the tax waiver forms for the upcoming Canadian tour. Now, if you think that it would be fun to spend the day filling out a bunch of international taxation forms, then boy, you’d be right. See that blue cup? It’s full of hemlock. I only drank about half of it, but it sure helped.