More Airport Signs…

I don’t know why I’m so fascinated by the signage in the airport, but I am, and for your sake I hope you are, too…
I flew out of the Grand Junction, CO, airport and took the following pics inside:


The middle part of this is important – if you own a knife, you are obliged, by law, to search your own bag. Now! Who doesn’t own a knife? And, really, isn’t ammunition a pretty loose term? Seems like just about anything can be ammunition if it’s shoved down the barrel of a cannon. Did someone famous say that, or did I just make it up? I’ll ponder that.


Part of me hopes there’ll be a time when this sign will be looked back on the way we look back on those pictures of the white/colored drinking fountains. Kinda like: huh? Seriously? People put up with that shit?

Though I also fear that, once a full colonoscopy is required to board a plane, the shoe removal days will be looked back on wistfully.


Translation: Important Notice – Today’s arbitrary fear-inducing fabricated risk level is “fish.” Please cower accordingly and allow us to fuck with you while you try to take your family to Disney World. God Bless America, and watch your mouth.


I can’t really say why, this just seemed like a strange thing to see on the door of a commercial airline. I’m not saying I DON’T support our troops in the Middle East, of course, it’s just…I don’t know. I’ll ponder that, too…


2 responses to “More Airport Signs…

  1. I love the signs! 🙂

    And thanks to the shoes bit I am always prepare with slip on shoes and socks with no holes in the toes


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