Laundry Day

First week on the road, and it’s laundry time already.

As I started to empty out the pockets of my shorts that I’ve worn – OK, I’m not ashamed to admit it – every single day, I was surprised at the contents. Like clowns pouring out of a VW. I’ve places the contents next to the pocket in which it was contained for this picture…


I think some close up looks are necessary to really demonstrate the degree to which I live like an 8-year-old boy…


OK, that this one (above) isn’t so bad – there’s my flyers and my little “artist” laminate. Important, work-related stuff.



Car keys, moleskine notebook, pen, “Fringe bucks,” filers to other shows…


Cliff bars, snot rags…



Enough shit for an entire suitcase, all in one of the four pockets…


And, the one thing not pictured, that was also in one of the pockets, is the camera I used to take this picture.

Yes, I do wear a belt.

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