Orlando Fringe Tidbits

OK, so I’ve been a bit busier in Orlando than I anticipated, especially as I’m spending all of my non-performing time either pimping my show or doing work to prepare for my summer tour. Or drinking in the beer tent.So far I’ve done 5 of 7 performances of “Jesus In Montana” in Orlando, and each one is definitely getting better. Here are a few tidbits that I’ve been collecting during my time here in the Big O.


From the opening night Orlando Fringe Gala – A guy with a cheese on his head holding the tail of a giant stilt creature. Nothing weird about that, right?

Actually the cheese-head guy is Ryan Paulson, who has a solo show called Pentecostal Wisconsin. Here is his getting a fake tattoo from Rose from Influx Dance.


Now, when you are descended upon by a gaggle of cute girls offering to give you a tattoo, what do you do? Well, you politely refuse, of course, claiming that you’d rather not have a fake tattoo, as you’ve made the plunge years ago for a real tattoo, and that fake one would clash with and diminish the original. Not. You say, “Yes, please.” Then you make a stupid face while someone takes a picture of it for you.


Here’s my theatre – very, very nice.


This is Gina, my technician. She’s awesome and has been a flawless tech from day 1.


My dressing room. Nicest one so far.



I even have my own toilet, which means I can obsessively pee even more times than usual just before a show.


I know, that’s a bit personal, but I’m just trying to be open and vulnerable here…

Readers of this blog will know that I’m a bit obsessed with bathroom signs, specifically the “Must wash hands” variations. But my dressing room toilet has a GREAT sign on it.


The yellow venue is the one I’m performing in. Apparently it makes a really obvious and horrible noise in the theatre if flushed. It hasn’t happened to me yet, which is good. Later in the week this hand-written one was added.please-refrain1.jpg


I don’t know…I just like signs in toilets. Nothing weird about that, right?


One response to “Orlando Fringe Tidbits

  1. Awe looks like a wonderful experience! I’ll need to gab at Gina for tech notes and see how she does it! 😉

    LOL…. I LOVE those bathroom signs…. when I get into the 2nd Space I’ll take pics of the signs they have in that bathroom… you’ll LOVE it!

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