Parking Affirmations

If you’re living life to the fullest – really going for it – really making the most of each moment – living life like there’s no tomorrow – etc – then you don’t exactly have time to roll your shopping cart back to the store when you’re done with it, now do you? Hell no…


I didn’t park here, I parked in the section where each parking block was stenciled with “HACK YOUR WAY THROUGH LIFE DOING AS LITTLE AS YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH,” which, not surprisingly, was a lot closer to the front door.

4 responses to “Parking Affirmations

  1. Still following your adventures… and will continue to do so. Pentecostal Wisconsin, Jesus in Montana… a trend on the fringe circuit? Just saying.

  2. What??? No blog mention of your beautiful Orlando digs or your fabulous host family??? Whiskers is very hurt, especially since he chose to amaze you with his trick. Sniff, sniff. Seriously, you have been the perect house guest, and we hope to have you back next year. Congrats on all your success at the Orlando Fringe. May God bless you and keep you safe on your travels, and may this experience enrich your life and lift your soul to new heights! Hugs and kisses!

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