Road Kill Thrill

Here’s where I’ve been staying while in Orlando – in a house on this cul-de-sac in a very nice neighborhood.


Notice the tiny object in the middle of the road in the above photo? Let’s move in closer…


Yes! It’s a dead snake! This SO reminds me of my childhood growing up in Mississippi! Why would I take a picture of a dead snake in the road? Well, I think I can safely blame the contents of this cup…


…which was, ’til recently, filled with sweet tea. Heavy on the sweet. As in give-a-hummingbird-a-headache-sweet. Yum. I drank the sugar-laden tea down quickly and it got me feeling all nostalgic for the South, which I understand is one of the common side-effects of insulin shock.

One response to “Road Kill Thrill

  1. Hahahahahahaha! See this is why I’d never survuve in the South… I cannot handle sweet tea… I just pound energy drinks for my pick-me-ups šŸ™‚

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