Road to Montreal

You’d think that, given 30 hours of driving alone, something interesting would happen, right? Well, maybe these pictures will help prove otherwise…

Here’s the van on the Continental Divide, next to port-a-potties. I could easily have parked it elsewhere, someplace without toilets, for the photo. But why?

I’m trying to make a documentary of this 4-month tour. Here’s my camera setup for the “driving” portion. Hours and hours of shaky footage shot through a broken and severely cracked windshield. Sundance, here I come. Yes, I am taking pre-sale DVD orders for this project.

Iowa rest areas have wireless internet! This is a reward for not option for suicide as a way to alleviate the boredom of having to drive through Nebraska. Thanks, Iowa.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was 2:34. Ahhh…234. I grabbed for my camera to take a picture (look, this was somewhere during day 2, around the 18-hours-alone-in-a-van mark, you have to keep yourself occupied, right?). I was a few seconds too late, so I got this great picture instead.


Useless. 235 – yawn…

BUT – look at this –


…a trailer…hauling trailers! Ahhhh…so very satisfying…

Stopped at a toll bridge during a rainstorm the next day. I look up to see this sticker on the back of the car in front of me.


Live Your Dreams! How cool, right? What’s better than living your dreams? Then the car pulled forward a bit and I could see that…

…the left rear tire is practically flat. Somehow that made me, I don’t know, kinda happy. Maybe changing a tire on a muddy roadside is someone’s dream. Who am I to tell you what your dreams are, right? Besides, at that very moment I looked at the van clock and, well…



One response to “Road to Montreal

  1. I had an 11:11 moment last night but I didn’t have my digital camera on me! It was a kick because I totally though t of you! 😉

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