Montreal Arrival

Yes, I’ll be documenting the bathroom signage (or, as they’re called in Canada, “washroom,” – not that you couldn’t have figured that out) across Canada, because it’s just one of the things I like to do. This one is from somewhere on the road to Montreal –

There was no “Wash Your Hands” sign here, and there was a reason. This gas station bathroom really was as clean as the sign promised. Astounding, really. There was no need to wash your hands, they were clean by osmosis. You need merely rub them against any of the clean surfaces surrounding you. Which I did.

I did my technical rehearsal the day after I arrived, having met up with Nicole Gluckstern, my stage manager and, as it turns out, lighting designer. I don’t have a picture of her yet, as she had forbidden me to photograph her, and considering the degree to which I am already dependant on her skill and expertise, I have to do what she says. I’m in the Geordie Space again this year – yay! – it really is an amazing and beautifully intimate little venue, and I’m so glad to have it again. It’s the perfect spot from which to launch “American Squatter.”

Which, by the way, launches later tonight. Gulp. I’ll admit to being a bit nervous, but I have the whole day to pace around and go over my lines and practice being sincere and stuff…

Here’s a blurry shot of the Geordie Space.

And my little pile of AV gear that I’m traveling the country with. It looks like this during the show, too – a pile of crap right there on stage. Charming, huh? And professional…

The Beer Tent is where all things Fringe happen. It opened two days ago in a big, official manner, and people swarmed in to start covering it with their posters, flyers, and whatever promotional materials they have.

I had my posters, my flyers, my scissors, and…I forgot my tape. Duh. But I did have a roll of Scotch with me, which is painfully inadequate, but I made do. Fringe Official Photochick Cindy Lopez took this picture of me being pathetic with my little tape roll. I’m always glad when my lameness is captured on film.

So here’s what my efforts looked like.


See, right there in the middle? That little subliminal row of 4 flyers? Kinda sad, huh?

Here’s Cindy getting an ins-tattoo from Tanya of InFluxdance. Mine had worn off since Orlando, so I got a new one, too.

I came back later with my REAL tape and shured up the wimpy taping I’d done earlier, and then I got to work on my sandwich board, which is not actually made of sandwiches, in the same way the beer tent is not made of beer. I don’t need to point these things out, do I?

I put these together back at home, though Christina did most of the work, and when I went to load them into the van last Saturday, I tweaked my back and had to spend the rest of the day in bed. Which was a shame, as I was actually loading the sandwich board in the van a few minutes before departing for Montreal. So, these boards (there are 2 of them) cost me a day of driving, but now I see that it was worth it. Lift with your legs, people.

Look at it. It’s like the Stonehenge of PR. See how it glows? Ahhhhh…

3 responses to “Montreal Arrival

  1. I’ve been tempted to buy up rolls of packing tape ahead of time,
    and selling it (at cost or maybe profit) to those delinquent
    troupes that arrive with no tape. One year I lent a roll to
    someone, and she never returned what remained. I did have a bunch
    of utility knives this year, but it seemed like most preferred their
    teeth. You have to know who to ask. I had a partial roll of tape
    with me precisely because I expected some to arrive without tape.

    Of course, it’s better to arrive on time with no tape and beg it
    from someone, than arrive even half an hour late, only to discover
    the prime spots have all been postered over.

    It was much better this year than last, when the Beer Tent issue
    meant nobody was allowed near it till the Friday, when it was cold
    and wet.


  2. I think the Rogue needs to have a beer tent! I’ll man it! 😉 Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    I LOVE the sandwich board! And no, I didn’t expect sandwiches to come with it. But I AM really interested in this show! 🙂

    LMAO… I love the bathroom sign! How odd to find a public restroom that’s ACTUALLY clean! 🙂

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