Montreal Fringe Opening…

Well, MY opening, anyway. The festival kicked off on Thursday, but for me last night, Saturday, was the opening, because I did my first performance of “American Squatter.” Talking to some other performers who are launching new shows would help confirm my theory that the festival doesn’t REALLY get under way until your first show is done. Now I can think about actually seeing other shows. And stuff.

This is a picture of my dry-erase calendar, taken right before I hit the road last week. Each red dot represents a performance, and there are at least a dozen dots in August and September that are not dotted there yet.

Yeah, I love office supplies. So?

So far the shows I’m recommending, based on either having seen them in other cities, or seen other shows by the same performer, or just my intuitive feeling, are:

TJ Dawe – Maxim and Cosmo
Jem Rolls
InFluxdance – Found and Lost
Bye Bye Bombay
The Rap Canterbury Tales
Hardcore Pussy

Yes, “Hardcore Pussy” is the name of a Fringe show. And a pretty good name at that – at least as far as attention-getting goes. Which, really, is most of the point of a name, right? It’s the new show by Amy Blackmore, who did a show called I Love New York last year, which I really liked. So…

I think my opening went well. It was my very first time doing the show with lights (courtesy Nicole Gluckstern – stage manager and lighting tech numero uno) and sound, composed and designed by Arman Boyles, my long-time collaborator and secret weapon.

I stayed up til 2 last night, which is only an issue because I wanted to be in bed long before that, as I have a 1:00 show today. I bolted awake 4 and a half hours later realizing that I have to write an “Irrelativity” column before my show, which I’m going to do now, while I’m at my absolute 4 hours of sleep freshest…

Montreal will get the best of me yet, I just know it…


One response to “Montreal Fringe Opening…

  1. Awe yes….office supplies… one of my weaknesses as well! 😉

    You busy busy busy… try to remember to sleep my friend!

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