Montreal “American Squatter” Reviews

I got two reviews in the Montreal press today for “American Squatter.”

From The Hour:

American Squatter (Aspen Comedy Works) Barry Smith – the peripatetic spirit behind 2006’s Jesus in Montana – is back with another hilarious, LSD-soaked journey of self-discovery. A master of understatement and PowerPoint, he employs his family’s home movie collection to dissect how punk music, skateboarding and teenage rebellion against his cleaning-obsessed father led to his “Zen-like state of disarray” as a squatter in London. What sets this production apart is not only Smith’s sharp wit, but his ability to channel laughter’s deeper cathartic powers. See this one. You’ll leave with the Sex Pistols in your head and a desire to occupy abandoned buildings in your heart. 5/5 (Brett Hooton)

And from The Montreal Mirror:

American Squatter

Autobiography triumphs with Barry Smith’s new show (premiering here in Montreal!). American Squatter uses home video clips, snapshots, audio fragments and Smith’s spare, laconic delivery to hilarious effect, as he takes the audience on a tour through his life as the son of a clean-freak father. Rebellion takes the form of the SoCal skate-punk lifestyle, LSD and, finally, a seriously crusty interlude in a London squat. While Smith finds a theme in obsessive self-referentiality, which he calls “self-absorption critical mass,” he never lets it interfere with the joys of a one-man trip through the American ’80s underground zeitgeist. (Venue 3, Geordie Space, 4001 Berri)

Although my favorite so far is from the Montreal Fringe web page for my show, posted there by an audience member named Carly…

“deadpan storytelling has never been better. barry smith is absolutely hilarious and i think i maybe love him. “

Thank you Carly, whoever you are.

3 responses to “Montreal “American Squatter” Reviews

  1. you are very welcome. and you dont know what a dangerous monster you have helped create, validating my own tendencies towards self-absorption critical mass.

    ’twas lovely to meet you.

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