Catching Up, Part 1

OK, so I seem to have far less time than I thought I would for such things as this page, so I have now officially fallen way behind on an ongoing chronicle of my tour. But I have not given up. Oh no – I will right myself soon enough.

So, a few small offerings from The Ottawa Fringe Festival. First of all, an amazing bit of sandwich board art.


As you may know from previous posts, I have me some sandwich boards that I’m traveling with, so maybe I notice these things more than others. But check this out – this one has an LED readout on top that is flashing, “SHOW TONIGHT – 10:00.” It was a combination of two of my favorite things – self promotion and blinky things. I spotted this while in the company of some other fringe artists and we had an immediate rush of promo envy.
But maybe sandwich boards don’t interest you all that much. Understandable. How about one of the funniest T-Shirts I have ever seen?


I don’t know who this guy is, I just asked if I could take a picture of his T-Shirt. He was more than happy to comply.

Or how about the Tall One-Man Show Collective?


From left to right we have Baba Brinkman (The Rap Canterbury Tales), Jem Rolls (Performance Poet), Me (Guy Who Makes People Pose for Pictures), Keir Cutler (Teaching As You Like It), and TJ Dawe (Maxim and Cosmo). In the front, for scale, is Courtney Cunningham (Poofy Du Vey), an average sized one woman show. Thanks to Montreal Fringe Photochick Cindy Lopez for bringing this tall one man show concept to our attention.

Here we are with our heads close together. Just because.


And finally – I was standing outside of a coffee shop I noticed this phone pole. This is years and years of trying to get the word out about some thing that someone is doing, or saying, or thinking, so that others can watch, or listen, or read, or just basically know about this thing.


A dense epicenter of promotion, rusted and beautiful.



2 responses to “Catching Up, Part 1

  1. holy crap!!! That last pic is BEAUTIFUL!

    I love your eye for things unusual but awesome….

    thanks for the updates!


  2. i love the picture of all those rusted staples. really gorgeous.

    i told all my friends in toronto to come see your show at the fringe. a friend of mine is directing an adaptation of ancient greek theatre for the festival, and she showed me the program. have fun doing jesus in montana again!

    and keep posting pretty things.

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